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Professional Walkie Talkie (1 pair)
Very suitable for:exhibitions, restaurants,shops,warehouse,working sites… etc.
Certified for use in HK and China (OFTA)
Walkie-Talkie with amber backlight display
Long range up to 10km (line-of sight distance dependent on weather & land condition)
Output power : 500mW
20 channels / 38 CTCSS codes
Automatic voice activation mode (VOX)
Noise suppression (squelch)
Battery capacity indicator
Automatic channel search (scan)
Frequency band : 409.75 MHz - 409.9875 MHz
10 ringing tones & volume control in 15 levels
Confirmation signal / Roger beep
Monitoring function
Free Accessories:
- Desktop Charger (for 1 pair) x 1
- Power Adapter x 1
- Headset x 2
- NiMH Battery Pack x 2
- Belt Clip x 2
- User Manual (Eng) x 1
- User Manual (Chi) x 1
Warranty :
- Product is covered by ONE year free warranty (OFF-site) ;
  accessories supplied with the product are guaranteed for 6 months only.
- This warranty does not cover housings and consumables.
- This warranty becomes invalid if the product is damaged by accident ,
  abuse or improper operation.